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STAX Hybrid combines Light STAX, Sound STAX, Connector STAX and regular building blocks. Look at the STAX Hybrid cat, whose eyes light up when you turn his head while he meows cute at the same time. Or the cool racing car, whose lights flash and engine growls as soon as you drive it. Each STAX Hybrid play set is interactive and has its own sound.


STAX Hybrid features a motion activated 4x4 brick button cell base (Power STAX). Each time the Power STAX is picked up, the attached Sound and Light STAX are activated for about 5 seconds. STAX Hybrid Animals currently feature light up eyes and real animal sounds.

STAX Hybrid Tuned Racer Building Bricks

SKU: H12110
S$35.00 Regular Price
S$25.20Sale Price
  • STAX Hybrid Tuned Racer includes the following items:

    •  156 bricks, 18 STAX, and sound STAX.

    •  Light Stax SYSTEM features sound activation mode: the power brick picks up on noises and vibrations.

    •  These smaller sized blocks glow when stacked with a rechargeable power brick.

    •  Compatible with other modular brick sets

    Batteries required: (2) CR123A

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